Year Events
2012 Listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited
Celebrated the Company’s 20th anniversary
2010 Became a designated provider for bakery products to the Shanghai World Expo, significantly increasing our brand recognition
2009 Acquired Hangzhou Danbi, adding one central bakery in Hangzhou, 35 retail outlets in Hangzhou and 16 in Ningbo
Established Yangzhou Christine, which is engaged in the retail of pre-packed food, cookies & beverages
2008 Established a research and development center in Nanjing to conduct product development and analysis activities
2007 Marubeni Corporation agreed to purchase 16.2% equity interest in Asia Christine
2006 Shanghai Christine incorporated Shanghai Sweet Art, which holds one of our flagship stores and is engaged in the production and sales of bread, cakes and chocolates
2005 Acquired Shanghai Shuang Hong Bread, the third central bakery, which is mainly engaged in production of bread
2003 Established Nanjing Christine, Nanjing production capacity commenced
2002 Acquired Shanghai Ji Yuan De, which became our second central bakery and is engaged in the production of cakes, moon cakes and pastries
1997 Renamed to Shanghai Christine Foodstuff Co. Ltd
1993 Established Shanghai Lianquan Foodstuff Co., Ltd, the predecessor of Shanghai Christine