Christine has successfully developed a multi-channel retail network featuring differentiated store types designed to appeal to different consumer segments. We operated in prime locations and major cities in the Yangtze River Delta region, including Shanghai, Jiangsu province and Zhejiang province. The Yangtze River Delta region is among the most prosperous, rapidly-growing and westernized regions in China.

Our multi-channel retail network primarily consists of good neighbor stores, subway stores and flagship stores, each targeting different customer groups, to provide comprehensive consumer coverage.

Good neighbor stores are our most important retail format and are primarily located in high density residential areas with a stable customer base of house holdconsumers. We also maintain subway stores which target white-collar workers who are in need of a quick snack or meal. We strategically place our flagship stores in marque locations, with the intention of increasing brand awareness and introducing new products. European style fresh-bake stores aim to broaden our existing customer base with fresh-baked European-style breads and a trendy and healthy concept.