• Year


  • 2012

    Listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited
    Celebrated the Company’s 20th anniversary

  • 2010

    Became a designated provider for bakery products to the Shanghai World Expo, significantly increasing our brand recognition

  • 2009

    Acquired Hangzhou Danbi, adding one central bakery in Hangzhou, 35 retail outlets in Hangzhou and 16 in Ningbo
    Established Yangzhou Christine, which is engaged in the retail of pre-packed food, cookies & beverages

  • 2008

    Established a research and development center in Nanjing to conduct product development and analysis activities

  • 2007

    Marubeni Corporation agreed to purchase 16.2% equity interest in Asia Christine

  • 2006

    Shanghai Christine incorporated Shanghai Sweet Art, which holds one of our flagship stores and is engaged in the production and sales of bread, cakes and chocolates

  • 2005

    Acquired Shanghai Shuang Hong Bread, the third central bakery, which is mainly engaged in production of bread

  • 2003

    Established Nanjing Christine, Nanjing production capacity commenced

  • 2002

    Acquired Shanghai Ji Yuan De, which became our second central bakery and is engaged in the production of cakes, moon cakes and pastries

  • 1997

    Renamed to Shanghai Christine Foodstuff Co. Ltd

  • 1993

    Established Shanghai Lianquan Foodstuff Co., Ltd, the predecessor of Shanghai Christine